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The Porn Addict's Wife

Jun 14, 2021

Today I am going to teach you the most simple tool that will have the most profound impact on every area of your life...and that is learning how to shift your mind from IMpossibility to possibility. There are so many reasons why our brain likes to believe that things aren't possible for us (it's not possible to lose weight, to overcome these emotions, to strengthen our marriage, etc) and NONE of it is truth. It's all in our mind. Today I will share how you can change this and why it's so important that you do! 

Join me THIS WEEK for Coach Week! Every day from June 14-17, 2021 at 3pm EST I am going live on Zoom! I will be coaching a different topic each day and then opening up for live coaching! Come learn and listen about triggers, physical insecurity, vulnerability, and conscious trust-topics I've never discussed before! And come get coached! Simply click here to join my email list so you get the zoom link! We will be doing a different topic each day so make sure you come all week!

Group coaching is beginning on July 1! It will have 10 women in it and it will fill up so reserve your spot today! Simply click here to sign up for a free consultation call with me to discuss it or email me at to tell me you are in! Let's get you added to this amazing group today!